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We understand the Real Estate Industry, and we know what you need to succeed. We help to optimize your performance and enhance your business by providing you with the manpower you need to grow your business and increase your income.

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Services We Offer

Virtual Administrative Support

Are you always behind in paperwork? Have you been trying to get organized, but you just can’t find the time. At XVA, we take care of all your administrative tasks, items such as offer and documentation preparation, scheduling, email management, organizing transaction files and much more. Provide your business with the organization it needs by having XVA on your side. CLICK HERE to learn more

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Administrative Support - XVA Corp
Marketing and Strategies Support - XVA Corp

Virtual Marketing Assistants and Strategists

If you're not broadcasting your services to your audience, you will never get the attention you need to grow big. Having a marketing strategy in real estate is essential to trump your competitors and to achieve brand awareness. At XVA, we understand the importance of marketing and offer support in graphic design, paid/organic social media advertising, paid/organic search engine marketing, video editing, content writing, website development. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Virtual Sales Support

How are you handling your leads? How often do you follow up with your leads, clients and past clients? Did you know 80% of your sales will come from your follow-ups? At XVA Corp we provide the manpower you need to increase your conversion rate and close more transactions. Our team effectively handles your inbound and outbound calls, manages your CRM, sets action plans, touchpoints, drip campaigns, sends listings to your buyers, set up leads on prospect alerts and much more. Successfully grow your business and enjoy more freedom by having sales support. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Sales Support - XVA Corp

At XVA our mission is to help realtors improve their productivity at an affordable rate. We offer educated, experienced and skilled Virtual Assistants, carefully selected by our skilled recruiters. Our VA's go through an in-depth training program, tested and retested to maintain the high standards our company so proudly advocates. We aim to help our clients succeed in their businesses, and our objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients day to day activities. At XVA we take pride in delivering efficient and professional services. We look forward to bringing you the help you deserve and the support you need.

XVA Team

Our VA’s are highly educated, resourceful and efficient. Our aim is to help our clients succeed in their businesses and our objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our clients day to day activities.

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