Virtual Administrative Support

If you are planning to grow your Real Estate business, you must pay close attention to lead follow-ups and touching base with your contacts and past clients. The challenge that you may be facing is a lack of time during the day to get what is necessary done. The only solution is to have more support. At XVA we offer you the sales support you need to maintain your relationship with your contacts, leads, clients and past clients. Our sales support team is fully familiar with all the activities that a Realtor should be involved in and can help you take care of such tasks, leaving you with more time and freedom.

Virtual Administrative Support - XVA Corp

We can help you with

Listings Activities

Document and Agreement Preparation

Writing Offers

Manage files and distribute to office and clients

Email Management

Brokerload Listings

Seller Feedback

Scheduling appointments and meetings

Post Sale Activities

Sending Gifts

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