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The number one complaint from Brokers of Record is that Realtors are always behind in their paperwork. The truth is a Realtor lives a busy life with many hats to wear, it's no surprise that their business may not be very organized. At XVA we help Realtors optimize & organize their business by providing them with administration support. From document preparation to handling listing activities, your VA will ensure your business runs smoothly, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most, making money!

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From importing contacts to prospect searches and comparative market analysis, our staff can navigate and perform tasks at an expert level throughout the MLS System. Here are just some of the daily tasks your VA will assist you with:

Contact Management

Our staff follow a step-by-step process to build and manage your database. Your database will become your biggest asset in the real estate business. Here are some tasks our staff will take care of:

Manage Social Media Accounts

Our VAs will help you create a social media presence to increase your brand awareness and generate leads. This includes creating content that promotes audience dialog and interactions, growing your audience presence, creating ad campaigns and marketing events.


Our VAs are familiar with real estate documents so whether you need a quick offer on the go or require assistance organising your documents, our VAs are ready to step up to the plate.

Lead Generation

Our VAs know that lead generation is essential to a thriving real estate business. Whether you are farming or capturing opportunities in the FSBO and expired arena, our VAs can help generate contacts and provide a systematic approach to converting a lead to a valued client.


Free up your time by allowing your VA to book and confirm showings for you and your buyer clients. Your VA will create the best route for you to follow and schedule the showings with links to each listing on your calendar.


It is important to build trust and credibility with social proof through client reviews and testimonials. Our VAs can contact past and present clients to document their experiences both good and bad in order to use and better your business.

Emails Management

Our VAs will organise and manage your emails, create email blasts, respond to clients, manage documents and much more.

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